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Well, they say we awaken through finances, relationships and/or health. I’ve had a little of each over the years. My greatest spiritual shifts have come through the state of my financial affairs. Let me explain…

I experienced Post Traumatic Stress through my work as a Nurse. I had stresses in my life. Some work-related. Others personal. A sequence of events converged and one evening, I snapped, started SOBBING, and couldn’t stop for 3 days. I knew something was wrong.

I ended up having to leave my career as a nurse (my choice), move out of the house I was renting (too much house anyway), tell my 20-somethings they had to move on, and moved into a small (cheap) trailer on a friend’s property. Then came a very deep depression.

It was a very horrible, no good time of my life. Or so it seemed at the time.

I learned there are no mistakes in life. I had a little income coming in, enough to get by, but I did get to experience poverty. I am still often amazed that I came through such a challenging time.

A very challenging time, but probably the most highly enlightening time of my life as well. Wouldn’t want to go back, not for a minute. But I learned a LOT.

I learned how money is just a mirror, a reflection of one’s open heart, which includes our ability to receive. Being on the low-down gave me no choice but to be in a position to recieve from the generosity of others. Oooh, my ego did NOT like this time.

And that’s the point. I lived in fear most of my adult life. I did not understand anything about Universal Law. I knew nothing about what it was like to have an abundant heart. Money was not flowing into my life because I was hanging on tight, in fear, without faith, to all I had, even though I didn’t really want what I had.

This is only the middle part of my experiences. I’ve felt what it’s like to start over a couple of times. It doesn’t freak me out anymore. I’ve learned that I always stand on my feet. And I’ve learned to have faith.

This is a blog about faith in that greater Thing called LIFE. A living, breathing entity that loves and supports you. Loves and supports ALL of humanity.

I trust you will enjoy what I have written for you here. Please pop me a line if you have any questions. I’d love to be of service to you.

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