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What You Give Is What You Receive

I’ve been working on shifting my money beliefs for a very long time. This doesn’t mean I’m not very good at it. After all this time, if this stuff really worked, I’d be a mega-millionaire by now, right?

Truth is, it takes as long as it takes. It’s a journey. While I know I’ve healed a great deal of beliefs about myself, the world, money, life, more opportunities are uncovered. Will I every reach a place of satisfaction with my finances? I think so. Actually, I trust so.

Perspective is Everything

When I look back at my life 6-7 years ago, deep in a depression, totally broke, and broken down, I am able to see how much I’ve changed. I am much more content in my life. I have healed a great deal of childhood (and young adulthood) wounds. I am able to see life in a much different way. I am also (sometimes acutely) aware that I am not giving my gifts to the world. Not yet. Certainly not fully. I’ll tell you why this is important when it comes to your finances.

Economic Flow

I have learned from Abraham-Hicks that our personal economics and how they flow to us is all about the energy you are flowing outwards to others. What you receive and what you offer is vibrationally equivalent. Finances tight? Think small, contracted, closed. The conditions of your life are a reflection of your inner world. What you are receiving is a direct vibrational correlation to how open you are, how loving you are (to self and others). Not some of the time. Al of the time. Want more abundance? Give a higher vibration in the form of service to others.

It’s Not About the Doing

Giving and being of service to others is not about doing. It’s about the vibration you are offering, every day and every way. Your attitude, your mood is what you are serving up to humanity. I used to think, “If only I can find my purpose, then I’ll be of service to humanity and more dollars can flow in” What I know now is it is less about the doing and everything about the vibration I am offering up on a moment to moment basis. Resentment over my current state of affairs, or my current job…or traffic…or world economics…was what I was offering the world. Tasty, huh?! When I gave resentment, I was given back┬ámany reasons to keep holding on to that resentment. As soon as I shifted to deciding how I wanted to show up in the world, my finances took notice and began matching my vibration.

All We Have is Now

Holding a belief or thought from the past or future makes that thought happen now and directly influences our current vibration. Regrets from the past, worries about the future, we are actively ‘polluting’ our present reality when we invite such lower vibrations in. We get to choose what we offer up to humanity. And it used to be so difficult to be in a grateful vibe. Stuff happened! I had some real challenges! Truth is, everyone has their challenges. It’s the human condition. You have choice, though. It is a daily practice to choose to be in a higher frequency state. Some days are easier than others. Some days are still really, really hard for me. But those days are becoming few and far between. I am definitely grateful for THAT.

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