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Is There a Leak in Your Money Boat?


Getting your finances in order can seem like a very daunting task. I know, I’ve been there. One thing to remember is that your money is speaking to you. Money is a magnifier. It will lead you in the right direction towards your desired abundant life, IF you can hear what it is trying to say to you.

Take money leaks for example.


Do you have automatic payments coming out of your bank account that you don’t require or use any longer? A gym membership that hasn’t been used in months? A subscription to a membership site that you’ve become disillusioned with? Or, heaven forbid, a loan payment coming out on a loan that has been paid in full?!

These things happen, particulary when you are not watching where you’re money is being spent. Or life catches you up. Stuff happens. Things get forgotten. Now is the time to tighten up your money systems. Look at that bank statement. Do it with a trusted friend if necessary, but look at it. Are there small charges coming out of your account that you cannot account for? Something you may have forgotten?


Taking a look at our once-neglected finances can be very difficult. Sometimes we may be used to being harsh with ourselves and we forget to be easy about this. Remember why you’re doing this. Remember that caring for your finances is an act of self-love. You deserve to feel better about your money. Yes. You most certainly do. No beating up on youreslf for charges left to run amok. It won’t help. Really, it won’t.


This is the time to just accept that you’ve neglected your finances. Or you’ve neglected to educate yourself about your finances. It’s not good or bad. It just is. Here you are. Looking at your finances. Good for you. It is what it is. What has happened cannot be altered, but owning up to the current state of your finances is an opportunity for you to take full responsibility for moving forward. I find we are often so quick to accept responsibiltiy for our screw-ups but short change ourselves when it comes to celebrating the good things we are doing. You may celebrate! This is good!


I’ll give you an example from my own financial life. It’s happening RIGHT now. I have a gym membership that is coming out of my bank account every two weeks. It seems like no big deal, not very much. Only $23.60. And they had me locked in until March. I could have cancelled anytime after March. It’s now mid-May. I’ve given them 5 payments for a gym membership I haven’t used and have no intention of using.

That’s $118 people!!!

Or a pair of shoes.

Or a great grocery shopping trip.

Or a new dress.

Or almost three tanks of gas for my car.

The point is not to regret the money being spent. No, no, no. I cannot regret that I paid for something I didn’t use. There’s no point in doing that. There’s also no point in beating myself up. Why would I do that? I love myself. I’m not going to beat myself up. I’m not going to chasize myself. I’m done with doing that.


Once you’re aware of the leaks in your money boat, you may stay in this phase for a little while, like I did. I have known about this money leak for 10 weeks. I just kept “forgetting”. And it’s okay. We don’t even have to analyze why we do what we do. Just observe. Observe and, when you are ready, take action to alleviate the situation.

Me? I’m heading into the gym tomorrow to cancel my membership – and cancel the payments leaking out of my account. Looking forward to using that money some other way, in full consciousness!

Where have you found your money leaking and what action did you take or do you know you need to take to patch it up? Comment below…

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